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Most times life offers you second chances. In july 2016, Barack Obama visited Spain as the 44th President of the United States of America. I had a journalist pass to cover the event he was going to host with young Spanish entrepreneurs in Madrid. Due to a racial violence outbreak back in the US, the trip was cut short and the event cancelled.

I did not dwell on it for long, knowing a new opportunity will present itself in the future, and I’ll be there to seize it. And so it’s come. On july 6, Barack Obama is going to participate in a Summit on Circular Economy and Sustainable Innovation in Madrid, organized by the Advanced Leadership Foundation, and I’ve been selected to join him and other leaders from all over Spain and the world.

Listening to his voice again. That deep, resounding voice that woke me up. Getting ready to meet #44.

We may not share the same views on everything, particularly on the economy and globalization, but ever since I campaigned for him in 08 while at UC Berkeley in California, and a few months later started my entrepreneurial journey they very day he took office (also my birthday!), Barack has been a rock-solid role model of mine. As a husband, father, community organizer, people’s leader and, above all, human being; he has inspired me beyond my imagination, and I can only be eternally grateful to have lived in his times, and be able to meet him in person in a few weeks’ time.

Because dreams do come true.

Thank you, Barack.
Yes, We Can!!!!

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