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To my American friends,

You probably watched the Trump-Hillary debate last night, and you surely agree with me that it was as shameful as it was scary. This is not the America I know. A country born to rid us of oppression, to give humanity a second chance. I did not see any of you represented in this abomination of a person or this Wall Street puppet. You can do better than that. You are way better than that.


In my view, this is the perfect opportunity to break free from this two-party tyranny that strangles you. At a time when more than a third of you do not consider themselves as either democrats or republicans, but independents, and for a good reason. At a time when the two most disliked candidates in the history of your country care about nothing but themselves and their corporate masters’ insatiable greed. This is when you step up to the plate, get organized, expand your own reality, and craft your own future.


As diverse as America is, since its very creation, you cannot let them corner you, or tag you, or divide you up to take your fundamental freedoms away from you in the name of fear. Because there are plenty of other colors in the rainbow, beyond red and blue. You just need to look closer and believe it is possible. There is green, like the Green Party, led by committed individuals and environmental and human rights champions like Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, who truly stand for and with the people, and pursue the greater good. Jill and Ajamu are carrying Bernie Sanders’ torch up high, while Bernie himself keeps growing the movement (Our Revolution) in the streets as well as in smaller, but key, political battlefields, from school boards all the way to a Brand New Congress.


Do not fall in the trap, do not allot them to limit your world, to narrow your vision, to give up on your dreams. No. If you, the 99%, get together around what is common to you all, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. If you want a third party to enlarge and enhance democracy, go ahead and support one. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without effort or risk. But you can surmount any obstacle, overcome any barrier thrown in your away, and dream again. And dream big. United, as one people. United, in your beautiful and empowering diversity.

My American friends, this is Your Time. We, the People of the World, we stand by You 🙂