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I’ll wake up to the birds singing and kiss my girl,
make love to her while the sun rises.
Have a shower, a good breakfast and onto the world with a smile.
Go fish with my brothers up in the mountains,
flow with water, merge with nature.
Back to civilization, I’ll talk to people, share our moments,
smile again and give back.
I’ll go have lunch with my family,
gather together around the same old table and remember who I am.
Then off to some biking across my beloved yellow fields and blue skies.
Feel the wind on my skin, smell the forest after the rain,
the heart pumping full speed in my chest.
In the afternoon, I’ll pass it onto a little kid,
show her the beauty of our Planet and the need to preserve it,
the equality of all Peoples and our right to Freedom.
Evening on, my life-long buddies and I will organize another of our historic barbecues,
bring alive the good old times, and renew the fire of our forever friendship.
And then, when the dark comes,
I’ll join you again,
for the night of our lives on the beach of our dreams.
Up I’ll look for only to see,
the Smile of the Universe surrounding me,
down I’ll look for only to see,
the Smile of my Girl embracing me,
and the luckiest creature I’ll surely be.
Stars, skin, skin, stars,
and the morning sun will find us again,
as one.
If life was only one day,
it’d be today,
it’d be with you.