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That freedom is nos given but achieved, neither is it inherent in us but fought for by us.
That free will is not a condition but an ever ongoing learning process.
That we are we what we do every single day.
That we are and can only be in relation with others.
That nobody but we alone have the power to self-define ourselves.
That we, human beings, have the capacity to think “out of the box” and put forth radical innovations detached from predetermined concepts or categories.
That the future lies in our very own hands, and although circumstances do play a part, the final word and ultimate decision always falls on us.
That we are all part of the same whole with no frontiers but connections.
That we all share the same destiny and thus the search for the common good reflects back at each and all of us.
That happiness is not real unless shared.
That LOVE is the answer.

All in all, I can only say thank you to all of you, anonymous but warm people I had the pleasure to share a moment of truth and humanity yesterday. It was a magnificent day and today is gonna be even better … I can feel it 😉