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“We’re here to defend, our Mother Earth,
Who gave life & us all, this divine birth,
Every so often our realm is attacked for many years,
Where the rulers divide us, using constant fears,
Bringing into the eyes, of the oppressed many tears,
These times were mentioned, by the ancient seers,
Hence the nature, of the Native Indian Rainbow Prophecy,
Enshrined & shrouded, in celestial cosmic mystery,
The elders once spoke, of a decadent time,

Where the world will resemble, a rigged up crime,
They said when the fishes, die in the streams,
When the world, is full of cries & screams,
The birds will start, falling from the air,
People will be selfish & just won’t care,
The waters of the world, will be blackened,
From the pollution, the clouds will be darkened,
They said when the trees, will no longer be,
The animals will no longer, be truly free,’
During this time, the Rainbow Warriors shall arise,
They’re here to help heal, those suffering cries,
Both of the Earth & of those, who have tears in their eyes,
Woven together, with their souls & minds, they will suffice,
They will find, one another & shall finally reunite,
Aligning themselves, with the cosmos & her light,
Standing side by side, in the final flight,
Together their souls, will glow ever so bright,
With interwoven minds, they’ll make things right,
Together their energies, will produce great might,
Rainbow Warriors here to raise, each other & our Mother up,
Whilst celestial knowledge, we’ll drink from our communal cup,
Followed by glasses of Vermouth, raised up rather high,
As we celebrate our unified rebirth, as we look to heavenly sky!!

Dedicated to my sister Emma the inspiring Rainbow Warrior princess… :)”

By Kal-ke Anawkam