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Some few years ago, during my university times, I discovered Rudyard Kipling’s “If” poem engraved in the wall of a sports residence where a good friend of mine was staying. Ever since then, those powerful words and their vibrant tone have always inspired me to reach for my dreams with courage and principles.

Now, I want to share with you all my own version of “If”. Because … what “if” this was my mission, what “if” we were the chosen ones to make this a better world, what …

If you can be humble in victory and gracious in defeat,
If you can talk with gods and walk with humans,
If you can work with adults and play with kids,
If you can hold for an hour and still enjoy every minute,
If you can see the big picture and yet understand the little details,
If you can be strong when in storm and soft when in love,
If you can dream your dreams your eyes wide open and pursue them your eyes wide closed,
If you can aim at the stars and still keep your feet on the ground,
If you can fight for what you believe until you cannot fight anymore, and then, keep on fighting,
If you can love no matter what and be loved in return,

Then, my friend, you will have understood the magic of this miracle we call Earth, and the uniqueness of this gift we call Life.

To be continued …