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What a better day to start this blog than today, 20th of January of 2009, the Day the World changed for good. 20th of January 2009, the Day a man inspired millions. The Day a man showed by the example that People and Ideas CAN change the World. A Day like today, 28 years ago, somewhere on our beautiful planet, I was born. A Day like today, we may have been given a second chance.

Thanks Barack for putting voice to our hearts. Thanks all of you for being the hearts in our hope.

Do not expect this blog to be structured, professional-like, impartial, well-written, anonymous, impersonal, politically correct or even objective, because this is simply going to be as chaotic and passionate as I am; as subjective and personal as my “human” middle name indicates; as raw, as unexpected, as bloody, as incredible, as beautiful as life itself. It can be expressed in English or in Spanish, in prose or in verse, in Italian or in French, through images or through videos, by rage or for love, but always…in my name.

This is the beginning of Barack’s adventure, the beginning of my own personal adventure, of the adventure of us all. Cause we are all in the same boat. Life is only one time as one planet there is. We are all together in this adventure, together in the greatest adventure of our times as Miss Clinton puts it. This is going to be an adventure of courage, of despair at times, of hope, of disappointment at others, of discoveries and of … love, the mightiest of them all. An adventure I want to share with you, and adventure I want you to share with me.

A Day like today, I have realized of my mission. A Day like today, there I go.

Dedicated to my parents, who offered me the greatest gift ever, life.

Dedicated to my brothers, who believed in me.

Dedicated to my friends, who stood by my side no matter what.

Dedicated to all of you I have shared a breath of life with.

Dedicated to all of you, who constitute the Human Race.


Yes, we can! Yes, we can!! Yes, we can!!! Yes, we can!!!!